Fetching BabbleSim

The BabbleSim project consists of many components, most of them optional and each in its own separate git repository. The easiest and recommended way to fetch them is by using Androids repo

mkdir ~/bsim/ && cd ~/bsim/
repo init -u https://github.com/BabbleSim/manifest.git -m everything.xml -b master
repo sync
If you use BabbleSim with Zephyr, add to your ~/.bashrc or ~/.zephyrrc file
export BSIM_OUT_PATH=${HOME}/bsim/
#replace those paths as necessary
To build BabbleSim, you must have the 32-bit C library installed in your system (in Ubuntu 18.04 install the gcc-multilib package)
ext_2G4_channel_Indoorv1 requires the FFTW3 library (in Ubuntu 18.04 install the libfftw3-dev package)

For a list and description of the provided manifests, see the manifest repository documenation

You may fetch each git repository manually or by other means. In this case, consult the folder structure page for information about how to place them.